BUMI booking

Submitting a booking form means expressing your interest in a particular model and does not guarantee its production. Once the form is sent, Anya will be in touch to advise on possibility and the proximate timing.

Production timing

For each Buwood bag we place a special order of all the raw materials. Some materials such as wood are might take extended timing as sourcing the right materials is a process in itself and often out of our control. Depending on a model production timing may vary from 8 to 30 weeks.


BUMI leather/birch 14cm — 2300 EUR

BUMI leather/birch 18cm — 2400 EUR

BUMI leather/birch 22cm — 2500 EUR

BUMI leather/birch 26cm — 2600 EUR

BUMI leather/birch 30cm — 2600 EUR

BUMI Walnut/leather 22cm— 4500 EUR

BUMI entire Walnut 14cm — 4900 EUR

BUMI entire Walnut 18cm— 5900 EUR

Please note: all custom-made orders require 50% deposit.


We make a delivery to the following countries: All Europe, England, Russia, etc.

Other countries, can place an order and while travelling we can arrange a courrier to the hotel with concierge.

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