“The section is the precious collection, that Buwood bag carries. In my observations, I realized that key characteristics of the Buwood bag reflect key characteristics of the Buwood woman — pure, one-of-a-kind, with a strong inner core and integrity, appreciating beauty and embodying love for herself. “— Anya Bumagina


Buwood at Tiffany’s


“Anya helloooo! I was awakened this morning by banging on the front door -- by a man with a huge box!  :o)))) Buster and I opened the giant box, then the beautiful white box in sloooooow increments -- stretching out the 'reveal' for as long as possible!   The color is just BEAUTIFUL!  absolutely perfect!!!!! I love it!!!!  The size is to die for -- much squealing and hugging!  And then I saw the little golden words....and stared crying.... “ — Maria D.

Thank you Dear Maria. 


Graceful Ksenia


“Dear Anya, Thanks for your wishes!I received my bag on Saturday.

It's amazingly beautiful! I love it! And can't wait to carry it!!! 

Once you get to launch new colors, I'll surely go for the mini bumi, it would look amazingly nice for traveling.

Please consider me as a regular customer for buwood.

Thanks for your concerns and efforts.

Wish you all the best.

Best,” — Maeda A.





“I am so sooo happy . My bag is more beautiful than the picture.

Thank you ”. — Amal