Treasure chest

Buwood bag is a concept of the traditional treasure chest, designed in its purest expression.


Timeless essence

Timelessness has been integrated into every aspect of this bag: eternal shape, ideal  proportions, time-honoured wooden core, discreet details and finest craft. This handbag was designed to be appreciated beyond seasons.


Crafted out of a tree

Trees are sacred keepers of divine energy, they are majestic channels that connect us with the source of all that is. Soul of a tree is captured eternally in the pattern of each bag—a symbol of interconnectedness of life.

Entirely handmoulded 

The assembly of the bag is a sacred ceremony, where the soul of a tree aligns in perfect harmony with the bag.

 Precious details 

Buwood accessories are handcrafted in a private factory of elegant family artisans exclusively for each bag. Every element is treated like the finest piece of jewellry. 


Numbered with honour

We have numbered every masterpiece, appreciating its individuality.


From Milan 

Every Buwood bag is produced in Milan—the city of inventors, in hands of masters, whose love for their work multiplies with the amount of years devoted to it.