In alignment with the ideal of beauty, Buwood hardware is meant to be minimal— like the frame for a piece of art that doesn’t distract but accents what is precious. Our concept of hardware was both delicate and strong. Conventional factories viewed this as technically impossible to achieve with a wood frame. Only true masters could invent a creation of this kind. Buwood metal components are produced in a family-owned factory in Florence that has specialized exclusively in the highest quality accessories since 1952. The factory has an ideal mix of traditions and innovations. It is located in a historic building and embodies respect for ancient traditions and a sacred relationship to the work process. The craftsmen represent generations devoted to working by hand, which has become their hallmark. Dedicated to greatness, the factory owns the most innovative custom-designed machine in Europe. The production process starts with precision — this machine cuts raw metal into flawless pieces that are ready to begin their journey of refinement through multiple handcrafting stages. The entire production process has been mastered by the factory owner, who continues to monitor every phase personally. A solid brass foundation and a meticulously cut shape, the highest crafting skills, and a covering of gold — transform each Buwood element into a fine piece of jewellery.

Every component is a fine jewellery piece
— Anya Bumagina