Every Buwood bag owner is a unique strong woman, with an inner core like a tree and deep roots that define her true values.

She knows who she is and what she wants. 

Clients together.png
My bag is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!!!
Congratulations for making
such a beautiful and graceful bag.
I am so proud to carry Buwood.
— Kim B.
I can not thank you enough the handbag is perfect.
— Joan P.
Tt’s really stunning.
— Jingxi
I’m in love with it.
Great design.
Excellent leather.
— Abeer T.
I am in love.
— Munirah A.
Im so sooo happy.
My bag is more beautiful than the picture.
— Amal Al.
I have received the bag....
its amazinGGGGGG
I am in love with it.
— Mouza 
The bag  is so so so adorable.
I think I just fall in love with it
besides the high duty I paid
for canadian government lol.
— Shelly Y.
I am carrying your bag
and so many people compliments.
I love my bag.
— Bang N.
Everyone is in love with your bag.
I purchased the wooden one
and am stopped in the street all the time
by people wanting to know who it’s by.
— Fatema
Thank you for the most perfect bag ever!
I absolutely adore it.
I’ve been to Switzerland 2 weeks ago
and I had many people complimenting it.
It literally turned heads.
I am extremely happy
with the bag and its quality.
— Amal Alr.
I was awakened this morning
by banging on the front door —
by a man with a huge box!
Buster and I opened the giant box,
then the beautiful white box in sloooooow increments —
stretching out the ‘reveal’
for as long as possible!
  The color is just BEAUTIFUL!
absolutely perfect!!!!!
I love it!!!!
  The size is to die for —
much squealing and hugging!
And then I saw the little golden words....and stared crying....  
— Maria D.