X. Alignment with truth

Through endless trials with dozens of factories across Italy,I had tried everything to produce this bag, but no one could do it. I had no idea where else to go, and I had no money to continue my experiments. My situation did not look promising. But something in me just wouldn’t give up. I wondered what had gone wrong.

In this journey, everything had been a miracle: jumping into the unknown of Italy, meeting my godsend guide, witnessing the remarkable birth of the design, discovering the wood craftsman, creating the novel wooden base.

I realized that from the beginning I had been deeply connected to my soul, until I began my search for a factory—now I was functioning from my mind. I had to return to my heart in order to ful ll the purpose of this journey.

What was my deepest truth? The bag of my dreams could only be produced in the factory of my dreams. It seemed impossible, but deep inside, I knew that in alignment with truth anything was possible. 

Anya Bumagina