VIIII. Dedication

Now I had the perfect wooden base, but still no factory to make the bag. Everybody believed it was impossible to produce this bag. I had to prove it was possible.

Could I make this bag myself? It seemed crazy, but I was determined to do anything for this bag to exist.

I turned my kitchen into a laboratory and started experimenting as I had in childhood. I was passionate about learning how to produce this bag: playing the role of an Italian master with his rare tools, selecting materials, cutting the leather, identifying the right thickness, investigating the weight of every element. I delighted in moving closer to perfection.

I created two bags. Although not ideal, they felt better than some of the factories’ samples. They contained a missing ingredient—love.

If I could do this, I wondered what true masters, those who have both skills and love, could accomplish. It must be cosmic greatness. This adventure made me understand that true perfection can only come from within, where love is. 

Anya Bumagina