IV. Jumping into the unknown

For twenty-three years after that, I was convinced I was not talented. Calling myself a designer evoked my greatest fears. Only by removing all labels about myself could I consider making my handbag. It gave me the freedom to manifest anything my way.

How could I hope to produce this bag?
I had no contacts, no friends in the fashion world, no education in design, no experience, and no idea how the production process worked.

But I felt connected to the infinite universe that holds all the answers. I began a quest to create my handbag. I could not see the path ahead, but I trusted it would be revealed to me. I would sense deeply how I felt with everyone at all times. My inner excitement upon meeting someone, what I called my soul dancing, would indicate someone was perfect for me. This would be my GPS.

Italy is known as the home of the finest craftsmanship, but I did not speak a word of Italian. Trusting in divine guidance, I booked a one-way ticket to Milan. 

Anya Bumagina