XI. Resonance

I had seen many factories, but not all. I purchased an of official list of every factory in the country. In Italian culture, a face-to- face meeting was the only way to establish a relationship. Why couldn’t I just call the factories?

I didn’t speak Italian. But I knew ‘hello’ and ‘high quality’ in Italian. That was enough. I started calling factories with three words: Buongiorno. Alta qualità?

When an artisan said yes, I would sense whether his voice radiated passion, love, and confidence. With just one question, I could understand his lifelong relationship with quality.

The phone adventure brought me to the first voice that felt right. We met, and he introduced me to his colleague, an angel, who said, ‘You need to be with the best factory to produce this bag. I know one place. It’s the best place I’ve seen in my entire life’. 

Anya Bumagina