XII. The Factory

When I saw the factory, I was speechless. It was beyond my imagination.

Light, bright, spacious.
A world of joyful creativity.

People were almost dancing.
A place of the highest mastery.

Abundance of knowledge and experience. Different kinds of expertise, all for the finest bags.

Endless experimentations. My secret dream since I was six.

Everything was exact. Like a Swiss timepiece. Laboratory tests with scientic numbers.

Width and depth to their understanding. Enormous respect for creations.

For the first time, recognition of the importance of every millimetre of my design. It felt like a different planet because it was not their profession—it was their life.

This factory was home to a legendary brand dear to my heart. It was a timeless connection to a different era. The creator of this fashion house had always been my biggest secret inspiration. 

Anya Bumagina