XIII. The moment of truth

But this was a private factory. They were not open for external projects. For the first time, the decision to produce the bag was not up to me. I met Claudio, the owner.

How could I express to him what it meant for me to find them? How could I put the meaning of my spiritual search into words? How could I convey that his ‘yes’ would mean my dream could come true?

I looked into his eyes and I spoke from my heart. ‘I believe this bag would become a success no matter what. I hope you could be a part of this. I understand there is no logical reason for you to take my project, but could you just help?’

I felt as if I was channeling the divine, and the words owed through me. My truth felt like my strongest power. I had done everything I could, and the only thing left was to surrender. Surrender and trust.

Claudio said yes.

I could not believe it. It was as if all Christmases came at once. My soul was on clouds of pure joy. 

Anya Bumagina