VIII. Wooden heart

Wood is the core of my bag. It had to be perfect.

I went to hatbox makers because they had been working with rounded wood since the 1950s in Italy and were the industry experts. Despite hundreds of trials with skilled artisans,
not one could make the right base for my bag. Their entire approach wasn’t precise enough because hatboxes never have to be perfect.

I felt alone in this. I knew nothing about wood, yet I had to find a solution that had never existed before. I had to look beyond traditional ways of thinking. I returned to my heart and felt the impulse to visit a village of furniture makers. When I arrived, I saw one carpentry factory with a unique facade—golden, old, charismatic trees were lying beautifully on the ground. It looked like a fairy tale.

My inner guidance had been precise: I found my wood craftsman. He gave me a carved wooden heart he had made. If he only knew what it meant to me! He didn’t know anything about bags, but he had a big heart, loved what he did, and understood precision.

Thus, the ideal wooden foundation was born. 

Anya Bumagina