Buwood is... Perfection

Our passion for perfection is the foundation of BUwood's design philosophy. Our conscious choices guide the careful crafting of our perfect bags — each one a timeless, unique treasure.

Purity of Form

Flawless minimalism and beautifully balanced aesthetics are our hallmark. Pristine silhouettes and luxuriously clean lines are our inspiration. The austere simplicity of less is more — our joy.

The Best of Italy

Italy, the historical centre of master artisans and their impeccable craftsmanship. There is no better place on earth to find the heritage skills necessary to produce perfection.


Nowhere else in the world can one find bags sculpted and perfectly crafted using the beauty and resilience of wood. Our specially developed, proprietary production process allows the creation of an impeccable rigid bag, where unsurpassed quality exists in every luxurious centimetre.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Producing perfection requires innovation, unique expertise, and the ability to employ exceptional historical techniques. Our meticulous master craftsmen possess the dedication and truly rare skills for transforming our designs into reality.

The Beauty of Wood

From sustainable groves, we select woods whose graceful lines of grain capture the treasured hues of light and dark that reveal the precious, truly unique personality of each lustrous bag. Light in the hand, silken to the touch, matchless in quality.

A Treasured Keepsake

Every woman dreams. Every woman covets secrets, fantasies, and desires. These are the lovely intimate treasures of life. The magical moments, the precious trinkets that can be tucked safe — hidden until a memory and a smile draw them forth. Your keepsakes…


Many precise steps and careful, conscious choices create the penultimate luxury of a BUwood bag. The final luscious touch that seals exclusivity is that each bag is numbered, making it truly and forever, one of a kind.

Anya Bumagina

I am possessed with perfection and creating objects that represent luxury in its truest form—from inspiration to production. This commitment to perfection is reflected in every step, every decision, every conscious choice I make toward the completion of the perfect bag.

I am not fashion. I simply find immense satisfaction in high quality, thoughtfully developed concepts that can translate into intelligent luxury. I believe the confident women of the world appreciate luxurious objects that can become treasured companions on life's journeys.