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Luxury fashion factories have a tradition of producing leather bags, yet the expertise for creating the Buwood handbag did not exist. Historically, there have been products that were close in terms of shape or function. However, each one has been lacking. Conventional rigid bags with cardboard construction lacked strength and precise structure. Mass-produced rigid bags — with metal or plastic frames were devoid of unique beauty. Both hat boxes and treasure chests lacked precise manufacturing; neither product was designed to be a flawless object. Stationery and jewelry boxes did not have functionality or refined craftsmanship. Buwood embodies the union of living beauty and precision, so nothing in the past or present could serve as a potential prototype for this bag. We had to invent the entire Buwood production just from an idea. After two years of experiments across Italy, it was clear that a renowned master name and excellent skills alone were not enough to invent the Buwood bag.




The heart of Buwood’s production is located in Milan, Italy. Having the finest crafting skills, in-depth experience, and appreciation of beauty, Buwood’s craftsmen have one truly rare quality — the freedom of their spirit to think, to see, to experiment in new ways. Buwood’s unique technical challenges have attracted an unprecedented collaboration among the top masters in Italy, who have put their decades of experience and their love into the life of this creation. Work with living materials such as wood and leather is a completely different territory of craftsmanship. The beauty of leather is in its natural beauty. The beauty of wood is in the individuality of its patterns. The creation of every Buwood handbag lies in the art of combining different living worlds in an ideal union. The Buwood handbag’s exposed structure adds another level of challenge—to bring this art to its highest expression. Each handbag has its own unique journey. Every aspect of its creation makes each Buwood a work of art. For several years Buwood bags have been on a continuous journey of ever-improving perfection and they keep pushing the boundaries of the ideal. With love in every millimeter.

The bag of my dreams is made in the factory of my dreams.
— Anya Bumagina
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