Craftspeople around the world have worked with wood for thousands of years, yet it has rarely been used in the realm of luxury handbags. This created multiple challenges to produce our wooden core. Conventional wood producers could not develop the foundation for Buwood; it seemed impossible to put a living, ever-changing material into a small, delicate shape that had to be highly functional yet graceful like a piece of art.


SINCE 1900


After two years of experiments across Italy, we found a family-owned factory that has been mastering wood craft since 1900. Committed to work with the finest materials, the factory subjects wood to an exacting selection process. The quality of logs is defined by their even colour, texture, fine grain, and an absence of any flaws. The older a tree is, the more rich and beautiful its wood becomes, but the tree also becomes more susceptible to various kinds of damage. This make a fine piece of wood rare and valuable. The actual construction process of the frame contributes to its beauty, functionality, and longevity. Crafting the Buwood is an intricate process. The expertise of our masters is dedicated to preserving the individual structure, fiber direction, and original curves of the wood. The Buwood foundation is made from a solid piece of wood to maintain the strength and stability of the whole tree. The highest quality wood and our innovative techniques of working with it made the construction of the Buwood handbag truly unique.

The Buwood architecture is flawless.
— Anya Bumagina