Crafted out of a Tree

Every tree shares its life story through rings and patterns. Its soul is captured timelessly in each bag. All our bags have time-honoured wooden core inside.

Wood is a living material. Even after it is cut, it continues to change. The bag requires complete precision. Our unique challenge is to precisely align this spirited material with the unchanging form of the bag.

The solution is a secret this bag holds.


Entirely handmoulded 

Watching the assembly of the bag feels like taking part in a sacred ceremony, where each moment is fueled with love. It’s an intimate process between wood and the craftsmanship that is taking place around it. The luxury of just feeling it… the moment when the soul of a tree aligns in perfect harmony with the bag.

 Precious details 

Buwood accessories are handcrafted in a private factory of elegant family artisans exclusively for each bag. Every element is treated like the finest piece of jewellry. 


Numbered with honour

Each bag we’ve created is a unique work of art. With great respect, we have numbered every masterpiece, appreciating its individuality.


From the city of Milan 

Every Buwood bag is born and produced in Milan—the city of inventors, in hands of true masters, whose love for their work multiplies with the amount of years devoted to it.