The Creator

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My World

We call it a handbag, but for me it is an object of oneness that embodies all I care. The Birth of Buwood began with my deep desire to acknowledge what matters to me — my dream world, by bringing it into physical form.


My Journey

My Buwood journey started in 2011 from a place of zero — no ability to draw, no design education, no contacts, no fashion experience and no knowledge of Italian. I had no expertise in any aspect of manufacturing and had only a little money. As if those obstacles were not enough, everybody I talked to said : “No, it can’t be done”. But I had the essential ingredient — alignment with my soul — letting my heart guide my path has been the key in this endeavour. This journey brought many miracles that will be shared in my book. If interested, get notified when it becomes available.


My Values

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Recognizing what is precious and taking care of your values.

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When the center of our being, the heart, is pure, it attracts all the means for success.

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The solid foundation, a deeper beauty of who we are.

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When people work together and share their talents and gifts, it results in a powerful divine orchestra—a place for masterpieces.

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Co-creating with the divine is the highest form of creation.

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BU means B(e) (yo)U. Getting to know the phenomenon that you are and to live to the highest degree what feels like the real you.


“Letting my heart guide my path has been the key ingredient in this endeavour”.